The New Shopping and
Leisure Village

Mall Hof Village is the new shopping and leisure village

Forget everything you have ever known about shopping malls. Expect an experience you have never had before. Mall Hof Village has the ambience of a picturesque town, an open European street. A long centralized boulevard connects all sections of the mall. The store fronts are high, architecturally shading the street, making way for the lovely breeze and the fresh breathe of the sea.

Every store is uniquely designed. On the sides of the boulevard you will find wooden benches, romantic lighting poles and an abundance of plants and trees that support the travel ambience of the street. The boulevard floor is paved with imported interlocking stones. All the above come together for a leisure and shopping experience you have never had before. The fashion boulevard includes over 100 designed stores, featuring a mixture of leading fashion brands from Israel and abroad. Fashion for women, men and children, with the largest Zara store in Israel and its classic European décor that resembles Rome.

Mall Hof Village is the new shopping and leisure village


Direct Mail:
Phone: 04-8503532
Address: 10 Prof. Shectman, Hadera


Access via a direct interchange from Coastal Highway, turns from Routes 4 and 6. Near Hadera railway station. Direct entrance. Roofed parking available.

WAZE Mall Hof Village